What do you use to clean?

At Holistic Home Cleaning, we use various natural cleaning combinations to create purposful products. Major ingredients of our cleaners are: Essentials Oils, Baking Soda, and Distilled Vinegar.

What makes this type of cleaning so much better than cleaning products I can buy at the store?

In our world today we use store-bought chemical cleaners that contain numerous amounts of Phenol, Formaldehyde , Ammonia, and many more chemicals that affect people's long-term health. The products we use are chemical-free, naturally derived, and environmentally safe/sustainable.

What if my home is smaller than your service listings?


What if I have pets in my home?


I don't understand the pricing and need a more specific quote. How do I do that?

Please contact us for a more specific quote on your home. We would love to give you a customized quote.


We love animals! Just let us know the best way for your pet to feel comfortable around us (or if we can snuggle with them). The decision to have a naturally clean home is just as important for your pets as it is for you. You go pet-parents!


Please give us a call or email! We would love to chat and can even come to your home to give you a specific idea of pricing and cleaning time.