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Cleaning Services

All Pricing is based on a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath/ kitchen/ 2 living area home. Please contact us for a more specific quote or for a free home walk-through. *All services can be discussed and modified

Deep Clean $200

Services include: floor polishing, appliance cleaning, deep dusting, baseboard cleaning.

Monthly Cleaning $140

Services include: general cleaning

Bi-Weekly CLeaning $110

Services include: general cleaning

Weekly Cleaning $99

Services include: general cleaning



Go Green Consultation

Looking for a way to eliminate waste (and save $$)? Contact us to schedule a business/home walk through to plan a track towards a Zero-Waste and Eco-friendly environment.



Home Cleaning Workshop: Gather with friends and family to learn how to clean naturally and how to create your own cleaning products.

Essential Oils 101: Curious about Essential Oils? Learn more and leave with a roller bottle or room spray to try. *This is a great way to try out essential oils safely and see if they are beneficial for you.

Seasonal Wellness Workshop: Discuss and learn how to take control of your health in difficult seasons. We will learn about eliminating harmful toxins in your home and applying holistic practices to live free.